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The game Dogfight

A strategy turn based game for two. You win if you destroy all enemy aircraft or your bomber reaches the enemy base. A random number of steps for each move is limited from 1 to 6.  Prefer a risky attack or a careful defense?

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Command and Conquer

Pilot, get ready for battle!

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Control Your Planes

Tap on a plane to select it and use any available number of steps.

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Fully Responsible

Drag and scale map on touchscreen devices. On the map, the airplanes must get close enough to attack.

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Win the game

Don't let enemy planes get behind you! The backward turn takes 2 steps, each of 90 degrees.

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Virtual Wife - family talk

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Hi! I'm your Virtual Wife! Wanna talk?

The game is going to be available on mobile devices soon.

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